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Kristen Patton
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extraction database

I'm not happy with our current database to track outcomes/QI - is there any chance that someone has a variable set/instrument they really like, perhaps even in RedCap that they would be willing to share?  Thank you very much for considering!

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Bruce Wilkoff
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The folks at Brigham and Womans, Melanie Maytin has available a REDCAP tool that anyone can use, either tracking all of their outcomes or only the ones that are of interest to the center.

Melanie sent this to me:

With respect to the REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases developed at Vanderbilt. It is free license software with 789 active institutional partners in 61 countries. Looking over the list of consortium partners it appears that Cleveland Clinic, Yale, Drexel, Ohio State and University of Miami are all participants. You can go to the following link: http://project-redcap.org/ and click on Constortium Partners tab. If you click on your institution, you can see the email address of your local collaborators who may be able to provide additional information.