Charles Kennergren, MD, PhD, FETCS, FHRS

Senior Consultant in Cardiothoracic Surgery
Associate Professor
University of Göteborg
Surgeon-in-Charge, Arrhythmia Devices
Tutor-in-Charge, Fellows Program
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Göteborg, Sweden


Dr. Kennergren is Senior Consultant in Cardiothoracic Surgery and Associate Professor at the University of Göteborg in Göteborg, Sweden. He is also Surgeon-in-Charge, Arrhythmia Devices, and Tutor-in-Charge, Fellows Program, in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Dr. Kennergren is in charge of the Sahlgrenska referral center for lead extraction and collaborates with national and international hospitals regarding device complications and lead extraction. He is a member of the faculty group for Biomaterial Research, The Sahlgrenska Academy at Göteborg University, and Consultant to the Swedish Medical Board on pacing issues. A frequently invited presenter at numerous national and international conferences, Dr. Kennergren has been the European member of the HRS and EHRA writing groups on recommendations for lead management; the organizer of sessions for Cardiostim and Europace; the Group leader (CIED) of the HRS Scientific Sessions Committee; Co-chairman of ELECTRa, the European multicenter study on lead extraction; and a Steering Committee member of the WRAP-IT study. He is the organizer of, and lecturer at, multiple courses on all aspects of device treatment, both nationally and internationally, and is an Investigator in a number of studies. Dr. Kennergren has published more than 100 abstracts and full articles and has completed referee assignments for many peer-reviewed journals, including Europace, PACE, Heart Rhythm, and the European Heart Journal.