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Slides & Recorded Lectures

Evolving Concepts in Lead Extraction: Bench to the Bedside

Dr. Rickard discusses the challenges of lead design, its impact on lead preparation and extraction, and the new Cleveland Clinic Extraction Mechanics Laboratory.

Pacing the LBBA

What are best practices for left bundle branch pacing?

Leadless Pacing

Where does leadless pacing fit into the electrophysiology toolbox?  Presented at the Global EP Summit 2023.

Clinical Predictors of Incomplete CS Lead Extraction in the Patients with Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

A study to determine the success, safety, and clinical predictors of incomplete CS lead removal in patients who had cardiac resynchronization therapy devices.

Bruce Wilkoff, EHRA 2023: The AdaptResponse trial, synchronized left ventricular pacing for heart failure with left bundle branch block

The AdaptResponse trial was designed to assess two methods of restoring resynchronization to the heart in patients with heart failure with left bundle branch block.  […]