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Reducing CIED Infections and the Cost of Care: Lessons from Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Bruce Wilkoff discusses steps to take to limit CIED infections. The data shows we can improve patient outcomes by following guidelines and proven strategies.
Michael Walter, Cardiovacular Business

Remote programming of cardiac implantable devices is safe for MRI scan, study suggests

Imaging for patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) is challenging. A new study reveals safe and effective reprograming of devices is possible, even from a remote location.
Science Daily

VIDEO: Lowering mortality rates from infected EP implantable cardiac devices

Sean Pokorney, MD, Duke Clinical Research Institute, is interviewed about his study showing mortality is higher in patients with CIED device infections, where leads are not explanted. The study results were presented at the ACC 2022 meeting.
Dave Fornell, Cardiovacular Business

Nearly 80% of patients with infection following cardiac implant not treated appropriately: study

MedTechDive provides a summary of a study showing 80% of patients that have an infection from a cardiac implant are not treated according to clinical practice guidelines, increasing their chances of death from infection. Lead Author, Sean Pokorney MD provides additional information in this press release from Duke University’s health center.
Ricky Zipp, MedTechDive