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First-Line or BiV Backup? Conduction System Pacing for CRT in Heart Failure

Several new comparative studies, including a small, randomized trial, have added significantly to evidence suggesting that CSP is at least as effective as traditional CRT for procedural, functional safety, and clinical outcomes.
Medscape Nurses, Steve Stiles, June 6, 2023

Serious Risks With ‘Jailing’ Pacemaker, ICD Leads During TTVR

EPs want to talk before some procedures to prevent operators from damaging pacing and defibrillator leads.
tctMD, Michael O'Riordan, June 05, 2023

VIDEO: Jagmeet Singh details the SOLVE-CRT study for a leadless CRT system

Jagmeet Singh, MD, professor of medicine with Harvard Medical School, explained results from the SOLVE-CRT pivotal clinical trial he presented as a late-breaker at Heart Rhythm 2023.
Dave Fornell | June 05, 2023 | Cardiovascular Business | Electrophysiology

LBB Area Pacing Outperforms Biventricular in CRT: Large, Observational Study

Patients with indications for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) have better clinical outcomes when they undergo left bundle branch area pacing (LBBAP) rather than conventional biventricular pacing, according to an observational analysis of more than 1,700 patients treated across 15 centers around the world.
tctMD, Caitlin E. Cox, MAY 30, 2023

Key takeaways from Heart Rhythm 2023

Kenneth Ellenbogen, MD, Heart Rhythm 2023 program chair and director of clinical cardiac EP and pacing at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, spoke with Cardiovascular Business about what he saw as the biggest takeaways from this year's meeting hosted by the Heart Rhythm Society.
Dave Fornell | May 26, 2023 | Cardiovascular Business | Heart Rhythm Society (HRS)