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LBB Area Pacing vs. Biventricular Pacing For CRT Has Lower Risk of HF Hospitalization

The risk of heart failure (HF)-related hospitalization was lower with left bundle branch area pacing (LBBAP) compared with biventricular pacing (BiVp) as the initial strategy for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT).
ACC News Story, May 23, 2023

Extravascular ICD Continues to Show Effectiveness

Anti-tachycardia pacing prevented shocks in about half of cases
Ed Susman, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today May 23, 2023

Conduction System Pacing Techniques Tied to Improved LVEF in Heart Failure

Compared with biventricular pacing, increase in LVEF was found to be significant
Ed Susman, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today May 22, 2023

Low Utilization of Lead Extraction Among Patients With Infective Endocarditis and CIED – Call for Change

CIED-associated infections are associated with higher morbidity, mortality and costs, however few patients are recommended for transvenous lead extraction (TLE)

Low Lead Extraction Rates With Endocarditis Raise Alarm

Group calls it a case of clear mismanagement that should be a "call to arms" for the field
Crystal Phend, Contributing Editor, MedPage Today April 24, 2023