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Case Reports

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3830 lead extraction from two patients with left bundle branch area pacing

Hayashi Y, Shimeno K, Tamura S, Naruko T, Fukuda D.
J Arrhythm. 2023 Jun 19;39(4):623-626. doi: 10.1002/joa3.12886. eCollection 2023 Aug.
PMID: 37560281 Free PMC article. No abstract available

Cardiac pacemaker-related endocarditis complicated with pulmonary embolism: Case report.

Šačić D, Petrović O, Zamaklar-Trifunović D, Ivanović B.
Front Cardiovasc Med. 2023 Jun 16;10:1191194. doi: 10.3389/fcvm.2023.1191194. eCollection 2023.
PMID: 37396580 Free PMC article.

Delayed perforation of an atrial pacemaker electrode: Lifelong risk for a rare but serious complication.

Waechter C, Koenig AM, Chatzis G, Mueller J, Schieffer B, Luesebrink U.
Clin Case Rep. 2023 Jun 15;11(6):e7525. doi: 10.1002/ccr3.7525.
eCollection 2023 Jun. PMID: 37327138 Free PMC article.

Management of an Inadvertently Placed Transarterial Pacemaker Lead in the Left Ventricle: A Step-by-step Approach.

Kewcharoen J, Contractor T, Kotak K, Prasad V.
J Innov Card Rhythm Manag. 2023 Jun 15;14(6):5482-5487. doi: 10.19102/icrm.2023.14064.
eCollection 2023 Jun. PMID: 37388424 Free PMC article.

Concurrent Pacemaker Lead Perforation and Subacute Coronary Stent Thrombosis: A Case Report.

Shaikh O, Shaikh H, Karahacioglu B.
Cureus. 2023 Jun 15;15(6):e40476. doi: 10.7759/cureus.40476. eCollection 2023 Jun.
PMID: 37456425 Free PMC article.