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Clinical Trials & Registries

Browse the current database on recently completed or ongoing clinical trials and registries involving lead management.


The AdaptResponseStudy aimed to demonstrate whether Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) devices that use the AdaptivCRT® (aCRT) algorithm have a superior outcome of primary and secondary measures compared to standard CRT devices in CRT-indicated patients with normal atrio-ventricular conduction and left bundle branch block.

Taurolidine Containing Antimicrobial CIED Wash to Prevent Infection

The effectiveness of a taurolidine-containing solution in preventing CIED infection was assessed in this observational study


The GermAn Laser Lead Extraction GallerY (GALLERY) was a retrospective, national multicentre registry, investigating the safety and efficacy of laser lead extraction procedures in Germany.


A retrospective study comparing outcomes of TLE performed by cardiologists and CS from six European lead extraction units.


This study examined the safety and efficacy of laser-assisted lead extraction and the indications, outcomes, and risk factors in a large series of consecutive patients.