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Learn More About LEADconnection

What is the LEADconnection Community?

LEADconnection.org® provides a professional, community-based portal, serving as the premier location for all lead management professionals – electrophysiologists, advanced practice providers, nurses, allied health professionals, scientists, and industry – to exchange thoughts, questions, and answers regarding lead management. LEADconnection.org is a global community that strives to engage every voice for optimal lead management.

Objectives of LEADconnection.org include:

  • Encourage peer-to-peer communication on all topics related to lead management
  • Allow for an open forum to discuss unique cases and share interesting experiences and knowledge
  • Provide timely information, data, and clinical trial updates to all levels of healthcare providers in lead management
  • Announce important upcoming events and CME opportunities in lead management
  • Provide a library of links and resources curated specifically for the needs of the lead management community
  • Provide resources to help patients and caregivers learn about their devices and lead management

LEADconnection.org is free from commercial sponsorship, supported entirely by the Deb Family Endowed Chair in Lead Management, held by Dr. Bruce L. Wilkoff MD.