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Shockwave for Lead Extraction with Dr. Chris Latanich

Dr. Chris Latanich discusses Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy in transvenous lead extraction.

Challenging Cases in Lead Management with Dr. Charles J. Love

Dr. Chuck Love sits down with Dr. Tom Callahan to discuss tips and tools to address challenging cases – from troublesome leads to negotiating tricky anatomy. 

Building a lead management program

Are you interested in starting a lead management program at your hospital?  Dr. Tom Callahan talks with Dr. Erich Kiehl about his experience starting the electrophysiology lead management practice at Sentara and the importance of collegiality and teamwork.

Lead Management: A discussion with Professor Aldo Rinaldi

Dr. Tom Callahan sits down with Professor Aldo Rinaldi to talk about 3 exciting topics: lead management in London, use of AI in risk stratification, and lead management in tricuspid valve intervention. 

Lead Management – a conversation with Dr. Charles Kennergren

Dr. Charles Kennergren, senior consultant, and professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Goteborg sat down with Drs. Tom Callahan and Bruce Wilkoff to […]