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Lead Management – a conversation with Dr. Charles Kennergren

Dr. Charles Kennergren, senior consultant, and professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Goteborg sat down with Drs. Tom Callahan and Bruce Wilkoff to […]

A sitdown with Dr. Bruce Wilkoff, founder of LeadConnection.org, champion of lead management.

In memory of Bruce Wilkoff, MD, founder of LeadConnection.org, champion of lead management.   Two weeks ago, Dr. Tom Callahan was lucky to sit down with Dr. Bruce Wilkoff. They talk about his experience with early lead extraction, lessons learned and his hopes for future lead management.

Use of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in Lead Management

Dr. John Andriulli talks with Drs. Tom Callahan and Bruce Wilkoff about the electronic medical record and its role in early detection of device infections.

Bruce Wilkoff: A pioneering cardiologist who dedicated his career to preventing sudden death finds a gift in death he’s now facing

Dr. Eric Topol talks with Dr. Bruce Wilkoff about his leadership in cardiac device therapy along with the lessons he has learned on his personal health journey

Lead Extraction vs. Abandonment

Dr. Frank Bracke discusses the practice of abandoning non-functioning leads vs. extracting them