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Treating pacemakers and other implantable device infection: A shared decision

The value of shared decision-making between patient and healthcare professionals when it comes to preventing and managing device infections is discussed in this podcast brought to you by the CIED Infection Initiative.

Insights into Allergy and Implanted Cardiac Devices: Part 1 & 2 – Diagnosis, Testing and Treatment

Patients with allergies to certain metals and compounds can make safely treating them challenging. In Part I of this podcast series, Dr. Tom Callahan and Dr. Bruce […]

Elective CIED Device Removal

When a patient requests to have their implanted device removed, it requires a discussion with the patient and evaluation of device indication.  In this month’s […]

Management of the Worrisome Site

There are many aspects of a worrisome CIED site that factor into the steps toward treatment.

Lead Prep

Lead prep is a critical component of lead extraction. Dr. Bruce Wilkoff and Dr. Thomas Callahan talk about their approach to lead prep and how these steps can help improve success of a sometimes difficult procedure.